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Me and Jacob

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Don't worry this is just a picture I need to clip to polyvore.

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Two households, both alike in dignity, in fair Verona where we lay our scene...

So for the past about month in English we've been reading Romeo and Juliet and it's actually pretty good. Yeah, yeah, I know. Most people think it lame but I don't really care what other people think. No offence. ; ] 

But on Wednesday we have a project due and I'm going to be painting the above picture. It's been tough but I think that I will do well on it. So I'll be working on that tonight along with some major baking for school tomorrow. 

I also have to study for a major Biology quiz for Mrs. Lowe's class. Ugh. I'm not really looking forward to that. Oh, well. It's got to be done. 

I can't wait until summer when all of this will be over! Ahh! I'm so excited! Only 16 more days of school! Stupid seniors get out Friday...

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Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there. You do so much for us and we can't thank you enough.

So today I've pretty much just been playing the piano all day. I don't why but ever since I played at Megan's house I haven't stopped. I really do have to do my homework though, but I don't want to. I could just do it after church...yeah that'll work. 

Well I'm gonna go play some more piano but I'll write more later!

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New Moon!

New Moon Movie and Twilight News

Showstopper Videos are Online!

Showstopper Dance Competition finally added their videos from the Lakeland regionals competition, and Shooting Stars has four!
Unfortunately they are not YouTube videos so I can't put them on my blog. But, I can put the link on my blog and tell you where to go.

We're on page two.
Just scroll down on the scroll box, click on page two, and look for Shooting Stars School of Performing Arts in Lakeland. Our dances are towards the middle. We've got Cell Block Tango, Deliver Us, Father's Note, and State of Shock posted.

And if you're wondering what happened to the music during 'Deliver Us', we were in the middle of dancing when our music cut off. But we just kept going like nothing was wrong.

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I want you in my room!


Roller Coaster's are Fun!

So todayyyyy I am spending the night at Megan's house after a very short and fun day at school. I write this as I hear Fairly Odd Parents (thanks you, Ryan!) We didn't really have much to do, sooooo we decided to make some videos on the ever faithful Mac laptop. Thanks jesus for the wonderful computers we call Macintosh. Anywayzzzz, we posted them on you tube and they are quite hilarious. you can watch them here!

Yesss, we are a little strange. But that's what makes us so interesting. ; ]

So I am a little late with this news but this is my first blog and i want to share it with you.
Here are some new photos from the set of the highly anticipated sequeal to the movie Twilight, New Moon.

Remember how in the book Bella thinks that she see's the men that were about to rape her in Twilight at a pub when she goes to the movies with Jessica? Well in the movie, Bella actually rides off on a motorcycle with one of the men to get the visions of Edward to come.

Yayyyy! I'm so excited for November! Ahhh! NEW MOON! WOOHOO!